The CoMO office headquarters are in Bristol, United Kingdom.

  • Elena Moya

    Europe Africa Regional Coordinator (Madrid, Spain)

    Elena supports CoMO to establish new relationships and opportunities in the Europe Africa region and is also the Vice President of Asociación Española Contra La Meningitis (AEM).

    Contact Elena for all Europe and Africa member and activity enquiries.

  • Nadia Vaenerberg (Bristol, UK)

    Events and Communications Coordinator

    Nadia oversees all communications channels, plans events, and provides general support within CoMO's Head Office.

    Please contact Nadia with any enquiries. 

  • Gwen Brown (Bristol, UK)

    Administrative Officer

    Gwen provides administrative support to CoMo's Head Office.

    Please contact Gwen with any general enquiries. 

  • Sam Nye

    Executive Director (Bristol, UK)

    Sam oversees all global CoMO projects and activities and is responsible for the day to day operation of CoMO.

    Contact Sam for all global enquiries. 


  • Tegwyn Collins

    Americas Regional Coordinator

    Tegwyn is a communications expert who supports CoMO to establish new relationships and opportunities in the Americas region.

    Contact Tegwyn for all Americas member and activity enquiries.

  • Linda Gibbs

    Asia Pacific Regional Coordinator (Perth, Australia)

    Linda is responsible for the management of all Asia Pacific activities and planning, she is also Office Manager at the Meningitis Centre in Perth, Australia.

    Contact Linda for all Asia Pacific member and activity enquiries. Phone +61 8 6457 7399 or email Linda.

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