• 26 April 2019
    Uniting to Challenge Vaccine Hesitancy

    The World Health Organisation (WHO) recently released a statement online in which vaccine hesitancy was identified as a major threat to public health. The post lists ten threats to global health in 2019, placing vaccine hesitancy alongside Ebola, climate change and Anti-Microbial Resistance.

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  • 24 April 2019
    World Meningitis Day 2019 #AfterMeningitis

    Today, on World Meningitis Day 2019, we’re joining thousands of others worldwide to discuss Life #AfterMeningitis. This year we’re raising awareness of the life changing after effects and consequences of meningitis and other infections caused by meningitis bacteria. Despite the gains made over the past couple of decades, it’s still the 6th largest infectious disease killer in the world. Every year over 2.8 million people are affected and an estimated 170,000 people die. For those who lose their lives, their loved ones are left to struggle with the absence meningitis created.

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