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  • 24 July 2018
    Bekæmp Meningitis – Our Journey So Far

    It’s one of the principles of CoMo to be constructive and forward looking when working to improve the diagnosis and treatment of meningitis. Improvements require strong learning systems in the health systems that are handling the disease, which in turn require a strong and trusting learning culture. It’s human to look for someone to blame when disaster strikes, but if we truly want to improve the system, we must resist the temptation. Fully embracing the forward looking culture can achieve amazing results, which I hope my story will illustrate.

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  • 12 July 2018
    July is Group B Strep Awareness Month

    To mark #GBSAM18, CoMO member Group B Strep Support have written a special blog post for us on the incidence of GBS in the UK and the incredible work that they do to raise awareness.

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  • 29 June 2018
    Living with the after effects of meningitis and septicaemia

    “If you are lucky enough to survive, it doesn’t just go away. You may be left with devastating ailments for life.”

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