Mehmet Gençel - Istanbul, Turkey

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My name is Mehmet, I am from Istanbul, Turkey and I am 40 years old.  In my day job I am an exporter and my main activity is in construction and signage.

Because of my business I travel a lot and so I have a lot of international friends. Mr. Andrzrej Kuczara is a friend of mine from Poland and he introduced me to CoMO. Andrzrej’s daughter Dominica’s story affected me greatly. I have two kids Jasmine (8) and Ahmet Efe (10) and I imagined if they caught this disease what would I do? I believe that “People show their humanity in making the world a better place.” So I became a friend of CoMO to make the world better and to try to save a life. So ı can help people who have been affected by meningitis and I can inform them, I can warn parents against this disease and can support people during treatment.

My plan is to become more active on social media and to form an organisation to inform and make people aware of this disease. My aim is to save at least one life in my lifetime as to me, that’s like saving the whole world.​ See my Facebook page or send me an email at


Mr Rajinder Tumber - Kent, UK



My name is Rajinder Singh Tumber, from Kent - England.  I am a Cyber Security specialist, Advisory Board member of the UK Parliament committee on Artificial Intelligence, Sci-fi/Fantasy novelist, Multi-genre author, Mentor for students at University of Westminster, Poet, and Blockchain investor.

Having nearly died in hospital in 2010, I realised just how short life is, and my purpose in life is to love and help others. Therefore, in the aftermath of my traumatic battle with meningitis, I have been actively contributing to UK Parliament, universities, charity, and more.  My contributions have been published in: The Times, The Huffington Post, SC Magazine, ISSA Journal, and others. 

I wish to help families & individuals to fight against this fatal disease.  So, I have joined the Confederation of Meningitis Organisations (CoMO). I am raising funds for the UK meningitis charity, Meningitis Now. Visit my crowdfunding pagePlease feel free to email me with any questions.


Dr Obinna Ebirim - Abuja, Nigeria 

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My name is Dr. Obinna Ebirim and I am a public health physician and vaccine champion from Nigeria. I'm involved in immunization advocacy and wish to contribute to raising awareness of meningitis. This is especially important given the recent outbreak of Meningitis in Nigeria and my country being in the meningitis belt. 

I have over five years’ experience in public health, clinical health, political technical assistance, advocacy, youth development and leadership. I am a Senior Associate at DCL Nigeria, Senior Technical Advisor for Women Advocates for Vaccine Access (WAVA), Co-founder of Impact Driven Young Leaders (IDYL) Initiative, Content Developer of Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Abuja, a Fellow of the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders. Being a Friend of CoMO provides me with the platform, network and technical resources that will aid my meningitis advocacy activities including awareness creation. See my Facebook and Twitter pages. 







Jean Jacques Iradukunda - Rwanda



I co-Founded Igire Rwanda Organization, a youth empowerment organization that seeks to provide young people with the skills they need to access job opportunities or create their own small businesses.

I have also worked with a team to fund Kepler Global Health Club which raises Health awareness around the community, and I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Management.

I am currently working as a Quantitative Classes course facilitator at Kepler Kiziba. I like social entrepreneurship and reading books about business, health and African Politics.


Nelvise Kpulam Tata- Kumba, Cameroon



My name is Nelvise Kpulam Tata. I became a Friend of CoMO to raise awareness of meningitis and contribute to a future where no-one in Cameroon loses their life to meningitis and everyone affected gets the support they need to rebuild their lives.  Please feel free to email me with any questions:


Jay Nanje- Reading, UK

Jay Nanje


My ultimate goal in life is to restore hope to those who have almost lost hope. Halfway through 2017, my vibrant and active sister was hit by meningitis in Cameroon and has been bed-ridden ever since due to paralysis. Since then my life has not been the same. Sometimes things happen for a reason. Her ill-health is affecting me both directly and indirectly. I want to do everything humanly possible to fight not just for her but also for many others especially in Africa who need urgent help.

For over 13 years I have been involved in Social Services in Finland and recently in England. I have represented the vulnerable people in various forums nationally and internationally and supported government initiatives in empowering the less privileged to take personal responsibility. Becoming a Friend of CoMO is my opportunity to apply the skills in health and social service s in order to improve and transform lives. Please feel free to email me with any questions


Nataša Stuper, UK


I am an Italian-Croatian Science Communicator and Journalist. I am deeply interested in the right approach to be used when communicating the benefits of vaccines to patients, and the effectiveness of science communication in a much broader ethical and social debate about vaccinations and the scientific consensus. Through my career I’ve always been interested and have covered many medical and health issues that are considered contentious.Becoming a member of CoMO will give me the opportunity to offer my skillset in creating a greater engagement and collaboration between scientists and patients, by building a more honest and bidirectional dialogue, which will also allow them to become more informed decision-makers. Follow me on Twitter.


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