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My name is Mary Clough, and I live in Ontario, Canada. February 26, 2005 – that is the day that changed our lives forever. Our eldest daughter, MacKenzie, died from a devastating disease – bacterial meningitis. Our family didn’t know what bacterial meningitis was or that there was a vaccine available that could have prevented her death.

In less than 24 hours, our beautiful daughter went from a healthy 19-year-old in her first year of college to losing her battle to this disease.

When MacKenzie died, I was searching for answers, and I connected with Kathryn Blain, founder of the Meningitis Research Foundation of Canada (MRFC). Since then, I have worked to raise awareness of this horrible disease and what can be done to prevent it:  educate and vaccinate. Proceeds from our fundraising efforts have supported the MRFC in our shared cause.

For the past 10 years, I also have volunteered at a local hospice, working with children who are dealing with grief – and helping me to deal with my own grief.

Being a friend of CoMO connects me with other people around the world who are focused on the same mission – to raise awareness of this horrible disease, support families who have been affected and advocate for meningitis prevention through available vaccines.

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Ron Gold, Canada


Dr. Gold received his AB, MD, and MPH degrees from Harvard University. After training in pediatric and pubic health, he served as Research Medical Officer at Walter Read Army Institute of Research 1968-71; assistant, then associate professor of pediatrics at University of Connecticut Medical School 1971-79; and finally Chief of the Division of Infectious Disease and Professor of Pediatrics, University of Toronto, 1970-96.

His research focused on the safety and immunogenicity of group A and C meningococcal vaccines US Army recruits and in infants and children. He also studied DPT-IPV-Hib and DTaP-IPV-Hib vaccines in infants and children. He helped establish an active surveillance program for adverse events following immunization in Canada and served on provincial and national immunization advisory committees.

Dr. Gold is senior medical advisor to the Meningitis Research Foundation of Canada (MRFC) and a founding member of CoMO and will continue as a Friend of CoMO following his retirement from the CSAG.







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