Friends of CoMO

What is a Friend of CoMO?

CoMO is a global organisation with one focus - To prevent Meningitis - Because we can and we should! Members of CoMO are predominantly organisations that have a close and often personal experience with this deadly disease. 

Unlike our member organisations, a ‘Friend of CoMO’ is usually an individual who has an active interest in providing a service for or promoting a better understanding of meningitis; in one or all of its forms and outcomes. For example, many people in the medical world could be Friends - including Doctors and researchers, or specialists in after care.

A Friend of CoMO could also be an individual who actively advocates for positive change in their community to raise awareness of meningitis or lobby for policy change relating to vaccinations. 

Being a Friend of CoMO means being a valuable member in your profession and/or community with a focus on prevention against this deadly and disabling disease, which affects people of all ages all over the world. 

It also means being part of an international network of professionals, survivors and advocates who can collectively share experiences and contribute to local and big picture outcomes. 

Ultimately, being a Friend of CoMO and sharing our global message will save lives. 

We extend an invitation to you to join our team as a Friend of CoMO and as a friend for life.                

Interested in becoming a member and joining the global fight against meningitis? 

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