Global Roadmap to Defeat Meningitis by 2030

The Global Roadmap to Defeat Meningitis by 2030 is a WHO initiative driven by CoMO member MRF (Meningitis Research Foundation).

We’re stronger when we work together so coordinating with health experts and stakeholders from all over the world all committed to the same vision is essential. Low and middle income countries are some of the worst affected by meningitis and the ease with which diseases can cross borders means that this is a problem we have to face together, while still recognising regional and national specificities.

However defeating meningitis in just over ten years is no easy feat and there’s a lot to consider! As a result, the Roadmap has been separated into five main pillars of focus:

  1. Prevention and epidemic control
  2. Diagnosis and treatment
  3. Surveillance
  4. Information and advocacy
  5. Support and aftercare

The draft of the Roadmap discussing these in greater length can be found here.

The WHO started collecting comments on the draft in July 2019 with their public consultation, inviting anyone who has been affected by meningitis to take part. MRF and GBSS (Group B Strep Support) also created surveys, each a shorter version of the public consultation that allowed people to select one main issue they would like to see changed to help defeat meningitis.

CoMO members from all over the world participated in the consultation activities, sharing views informed by their own personal experiences of the disease. Doing so is essential as meaningful change can only occur by centring the plan around the people affected, the people who know the disease better than anyone else. The results from the survey circulated by MRF and GBSS and the comments submitted to the WHO will shape the plan and inform the policies undertaken by government officials worldwide.

There will be a key stakeholder meeting in September 2019, where the outcome of the consultation will be discussed and further progress will be made on the Roadmap. CoMO will be present at this meeting, along with a number of its members from around the world, representing the global patient voice.  

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