• 22 January 2013
    New MenB vaccine licensed in EU

    A new vaccine to protect against meningococcal B disease (MenB), one of the most common and deadly forms of meningitis, has been granted licence by the European Commission. This means governments of European Union (EU) member states can now evaluate the vaccine for potential inclusion in their national immunisation programs and, where relevant, reimbursement schemes.

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  • 14 January 2013
    Bexsero safe and effective

    Results from a pivotal clinical trial show the highly anticipated Bexsero vaccine against meningococcal B disease (MenB) can be safely and effectively administered with routine vaccines. Results from a pivotal Phase 3 clinical trial of Bexsero, the highly anticipated vaccine to protect against meningococcal B, were published in The Lancet and showed that Bexsero demonstrated a protective immune response and has an acceptable safety profile when administered as a three-dose primary series when administered with routine vaccines.

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  • 10 January 2013
    97% of viral meningitis victims suffer after-effects, UK

    A survey commissioned by the Meningitis Trust (a CoMO member) has shown that viral meningitis , a disease which is estimated to affect over 5,000 people a year is leaving 97% of its victims with debilitating after-effects. Often compared with bacterial meningitis , as a 'milder strain' with a short recovery period, viral meningitis is leaving its victims with exhaustion, headaches, memory loss, depression, anxiety and hearing difficulties. Many sufferers have to take long periods off education or work and struggle with day-to-day tasks that so many people take for granted.

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