Joining -hands -against -meningitis -in -osaka -japan _341x 190Japan: Celebrating a big win for children!

The Japan Child Meningitis Organisation (JacMO) are celebrating a win for Japan with the introduction of Hib and pneumococcal vaccines onto the National Immunisation Programmes.

JaCMO used World Meningitis to raise awareness and to launch it’s education month to promote the importance of vaccination to prevent meningitis to parents. Information posters were placed in pediatric clinics, day care and health centres.

The education month concluded in May after JaCMO, along with other childhood disease organisations hosted a World Meningitis Day event in Osaka celebrating children’s lives. On the day, visitors participated in many activities a balloon release, meningitis vaccine quiz, along with demonstration from a hospital team and on stage singing and dancing acts.


PhilippinesPhilippines: Joining hands with mums and university students

The Philippines Foundation for Vaccination kicked off World Meningitis Day by participating in the annual Mommy Power event. Targeting mothers and soon to be mothers, the event allowed PFV to encourage attendees to register their support for governments worldwide to include meningitis vaccines in their country's National Immunisation Programmes. Attendees  were given a wealth of information, including a meningitis leaflet, letters and a fan. PFV’s Dr Lulu Bravo also gave a presentation about meningitis at the event.

Informing people about meningitis continued with the Philippines participating in the Philippine Pediatric Society (PPS) convention by hosting an information booth where attendees were given a leaflet and fan that directed them to the CoMO petition. They maximised their opportunity to promote meningitis during conference breaks where a display was created and flashed up on screen. Working with the Foundation, PFV partnered with the University of the Philippine College of Allied Professionals to educate students that take care of meningitis patients. This campaign also saw the PFV write to paediatric chairs of all hospitals with information  including presentations, posters and flyers encouraging them to hold community education sessions for colleagues and parents.


Web _the -sorrell -family -sara -and -sheryl -marting -join -hands -with -nz -moh -hon -tony -ryall -and -dr -jian -yang -mp _267x 150N
ew Zealand: The Meningitis Foundation of Aotearoa New Zealand gets new information!

The Meningitis Foundation of Aotearoa New Zealand and Pfizer New Zealand worked together to develop a National Immunization Health Report that looked at government immunisation targets and the attitudes and perceptions of 1,500 respondents towards vaccination.

The report was launched by New Zealand’s Minister of Health at a parliamentary reception to media, members of parliament, key opinion leaders, medical practitioners and families.


Parenting 2u -rallying -support _186x 280Malaysia: Parenting2u says YES to PND protection

With the aim of rallying support for the pneumococcal vaccine to be included onto the Malaysian National Immunisation Programme, Parenting2u, Malaysia, launched a campaign targeting medical professionals.  Working with the Asian Strategic Alliance for Pneumococcal disease prevention and the Malaysian Paediatric Association, the aim was to recruit 100 doctors to participate in a parent to doctor engagement program. The doctors were asked to provide pledge cards and information to encourage parents to sign their support for the pneumococcal vaccine.

Parenting2u also participated in the Asian Society for Pediatric Research Scientific Meeting Congress in Kuching and the three day Smartkids 2013 Educational Fair in Kuala Lumpur, where they gained 658 pledges. This was the start of the campaign that will continue in the following months before presenting the pledges to the Ministry of Health later this year. 


Korea -meningococcal -meningitis -center _join -hands _0423_297x 212Korea: Celebrating their first World Meningitis Day

The Korean Meningitis Centre celebrated it’s first World Meningitis Day by distributing a media release that encouraged people to register their support for the CoMO petition. The release was picked up by 30 media outlets.

They also encouraged all of their members and volunteers to take photos and Join Hands Against Meningitis!


Hong Kong: World Meningitis Day ambassador

Bill Lay, from the Hong Kong Child Vaccination Concern Group, presented Dr Kwok Ka Ki, Legislative Councillor of Hong Kong Special Administration Region, with the Join Hands Against Meningitis lapel pin on World Meningitis Day to celebrate his appointment as the Child Health Concern Society’s World Meningitis Day Ambassador. As a World Meningitis Day ambassador he worked to raise awareness of meningitis and will continue to do so in his everyday work.


AustraliaAustralia: The Meningitis Centre, takes to the streets of Perth

Welcoming local sportsman, Rugby player Brett Sheehan, was a key highlight this World Meningitis Day, for The Meningitis Centre in Perth, after Brett and his family experienced a brush with meningitis earlier this year. Brett and co-ambassador, Australian footballer Adam Selwood joined volunteers in Perth’s busiest shopping mall to raise awareness of meningitis. At noon, passers-by and visitors were asked to join hands and create a human chain, the initiative caught the eye of local TV and print media.


Taiwan: Pneumo Mening Centre focus on the facts and figures

In Taiwan, Pneumo-Mening Centre’s Dr Kow-Tong, delivered a meningitis presentation to parents at National Taiwan University. To promote the event, posters were placed in local restaurants and in the bulletins of both the National Taiwan University and National Cheng Kung University.

Work also continues on a year long study into the cost-effectiveness of pneumococcal vaccination in Taiwan. The study kicked off on 1 August 2012 and is set to be published in July 2014 when it will also be presented to the CDC in Taiwan.