Ireland - WMD15-2Ireland: World Meningitis Day Selfies!

ACT Meningitis encouraged supporters to take a #joinhandselfie and donate money on World Meningitis Day. They also involved local media with coverage for the day in local newspapers, the radio and TV!


Fundacion Irene -WMD15-2Spain: Dressing up for World Meningitis Day

The Fundación Irene Megías Contra la Meningitis ran a packed series of events to celebrate World Meningitis Day. Volunteers dressed up as doctors visited local amusement parks to obtain signatures for their petition to make the MenB vaccine available to the general public in Spain. Funds were also collected at a local artistic gymnastics exhibition, a pop up store, and a surf competition! Alongside these activities, the foundation also received some coverage in the media, with Elena Moya (Head of Development at the Foundation) being interviewed by a local journalist and Santiago Garcia (Director of the Foundation) having articles published in local magazines. 


MRF-Action -WMD15-2UK: Taking action on World Meningitis Day

The Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF) launched an online exhibition, highlighting the work of their health intervention project in Malawi. The exhibition titled ‘Focus on Action Meningitis’, detailed the work carried out in Malawi and provided an insight into its success through a series of pictures and photos. MRF also published a joint press release with Meningitis Now, another meningitis charity in the UK.


Poland - WMD15Poland: Media event for World Meningitis Day

The Fundacja Aby żyć held a live press breakfast to raise awareness of World Meningitis Day. Particular emphasis was placed on the importance of vaccination at this year’s event and speeches were given by several leading experts on the topic.


French PR For WMD 15-2France: French charities unite for World Meningitis Day

Méningites France – Association Audrey and Association Petit Ange - Ensemble contre la Méningite teamed up this year to produce a press release for World Meningitis Day to raise awareness of the symptoms of meningitis and the importance of vaccine uptake.




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