CoMO Global Member Conference

November 15-17th 2019, London

London Skyline

Our next Global Conference will be held 15-17th November 2019 at the Stanwell Hotel Heathrow, London. 

The conference will be a great opportunity for our members to meet one another and attend sessions led by experts in their respective fields. Attendees will gain an update on the WHO's "Defeating Meningitis by 2030" global plan while also having the opportunity to share region-specific challenges, allowing for knowledge-sharing on best practices.

If you have any questions about the upcoming conference please email us.




 CoMO Bi-Annual Global Member Conference

March 16-18th 2018, Singapore

 Our last Global Conference was held 16-18th March 2018 at the Village Hotel Katong, Singapore.

The conference included workshops to facilitate member development, as well as presentations on specialist topics from invited expert guests. A space for learning from one another, Global CoMO and members shared project updates and key learning points. We delved deep into specialist issues, using case studies, interactive workshops, and regional-specific data to discuss how best to overcome issues like funding limitations and vaccine hesitancy. Reflecting on global initiatives like the WHO's "Defeating Meningitis by 2030", allowed the alignment of organisational goals with supranational organisations while maintaining regional specificity.


A great success, our members reported back, saying that they felt the global conference was very valuable, clarifying key issues, gaining new skills, and providing opportunity for networking, collaboration, and consolidation of regional strategies. Until next time!  



Regional Conferences

In addition to our Global Conference, CoMO also organises Regional Conferences that provide our members with the opportunity to meet, share ideas, attend workshops and develop best practice skills to support their organisations. Our 2016 conferences gave our members the opportunity to hear experts discussing regional meningitis issues and were held in Brussels, Bangkok and Orlando.