World Meningitis Day 2017

CoMO are responsible for organising World Meningitis day on the 24th of April each year. This is a great opportunity for people all over the world to raise their voices for meningitis, through telling patient stories, raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of the disease and increasing knowledge of available vaccines.

We are delighted to announce that the theme for 2017 is ’24 Hours – Trust your instincts

This year, we put the choice of theme out to our members. They voted for the topic they felt portrayed best the key message of the campaign, and 'Trust your instincts' came out on top! It is important that anyone who spots the signs of meningitis, in their child, relatives, friends or themselves, trusts their instincts and seeks medical attention urgently.

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 As we did last year, we will create a helpful toolkit that individuals and organisations are encouraged to share on social media to raise awareness of World Meningitis Day and the disease. To view the toolkit from last year, click here.


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 CoMO has proactive members across the globe. For World Meningitis Day 2016, they incorporated our campaign toolkit in their own creative activities, promoting the ’24 Hours' theme! To have a look at our members' fantastic ideas and get some inspiration for your World Meningitis Day celebrations next year, please  click here


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Did you keep up to date with all our World Meningitis Day activities in 2016?

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Also, our YouTube channel is full of inspiring videos of patients and families who have experienced meningitis and provide valuable lessons from their experience.