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CoMO welcomes the opportunity to work with organisations and individuals that share our aims. We couldn't do what we do without the support of others and we are honoured to be collaborating with other organisations that are working towards a healthier world!

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The Coalition for Life-course Immunisation (CLCI)

The CLCI is a network of expert individuals and organisations that believe in preventing infectious diseases throughout the life-course. As meningitis can affect anyone at any time and,with people over the age of 65 being particularly at-risk, CoMO are committed to upholding this message and we collaborate with CLCI on their communications. Learn more about the CLCI

The DRIVE (Development of Robust and Innovative Vaccine Effectiveness) Project

The DRIVE project is a public-private partnership that aims to increase European cooperation on vaccine effectiveness studies. CoMO is a part of the DRIVE consortium and we provide the patient perspective while working on this landmark initiative with a range of public health organisations and industry partners. Learn more about the DRIVE project

The Excellence in Pediatrics Institute - improving children's health globally

The Excellence in Pediatrics Institute is the international pediatric community that unites a network of 60,000 pediatric health care providers around the world to improve child health and healthcare globally. The Institute’s goal is to empower all pediatric healthcare providers with the latest practical skills, expert advice and peer-led guidance - as well as uniting pediatricians to push for and implement health policy improvements through targeted campaigns and initiatives. EIP's educational mission is achieved through a number of allied approaches – including: hosting the annual Excellence in Pediatrics Conference (now in its 8th edition with attendance from 1100+ pediatricians from 80+ countries), running Educate the Educators programs to train pediatricians at the grassroots level, and hosting a Free-to-access Online Resource Library (over 150 hours of webinars and e-learnings available).

Global Meningococcal Initiative (GMI)

The Global Meningococcal Initiative (GMI) was founded in 2009 and consists of an international group of scientists and clinicians, with expertise in meningococcal immunology, epidemiology, public health and vaccinology. The GMI’s main aim is to prevent invasive meningococcal disease (IMD), through education, research, cooperation and vaccination. Learn more about this initiative and its most recent developments on the Meningitis Research Foundation's website

The Global Sepsis Alliance

The Global Sepsis Alliance is a non-profit charity organisation with the aim to raise awareness of sepsis worldwide and reduce sepsis deaths by 20 % by 2020. To achieve these goals, the GSA has established World Sepsis Day in 2012 and World Sepsis Congress in 2016, fostering their aspiration to bring knowledge about sepsis to all parts of the world, easily accessible and free of charge.

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Sepsis is one of the most underestimated health risks. It affects more than 30 million people worldwide each year; 6 to 8 million with a fatal outcome. Surviving patients often suffer for years from late complications.

This is all the more disturbing as sepsis incidence could be considerably reduced by some simple preventive measures such as vaccination and improved adherence to hygiene standards, early recognition and optimized treatment. The main danger of sepsis results from a lack of knowledge about it.

The Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF)

MRF is a leading UK, Irish and international charity that aims to defeat meningitis by bringing together expertise and people. A CoMO member, MRF is collaborating with us on the Strengthening Patient Voices project, a knowledge sharing and capacity-building project that aims to amplify the successes of three European patient associations that are similarly committed to defeating meningitis. Learn more about the pilot project here

Read about why a strong patient voice is important on MRF's blog post.

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