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CoMO's Covid-19 Statement

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Given the current situation with the novel coronavirus (Covid-19), we understand that all individuals and organisations are impacted and we sincerely hope that you are all well and keeping safe. At the time of writing (24th February 2021), the WHO reports that there are over 111 million cases worldwide. While the delivery of Covid-19 immunisations is promising, this situation is one that we’ll likely be living with for some time.

What’s become clear to us, as a global meningitis membership organisation and patient advocacy group, is that this pandemic has had knock-on effects on other areas of health. Not only has it exacerbated pre-existing inequalities but it has caused a fall in vaccine uptake and placed a strain on the resources available for other diseases.   

Covid-19 and meningitis

We’re keeping in touch with our scientific advisors to gauge any potential links between meningitis and Covid-19. So far, it is clear that in a few rare cases, Covid-19 has led to viral meningitis and that there’s been coinfection of Covid-19 and bacterial meningitis. 

Currently, there’s no research about meningitis survivors being at a heightened risk of Covid-19.

We can all follow local public health guidelines to reduce the risk of community transmission but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid going to the doctor if you have an appointment to be vaccinated. Some places will have adapted immunisation service delivery so they can continue safely under these challenging circumstances. Importantly, if you suspect you or a loved one has meningitis it’s vital to get to the hospital quickly because the disease develops rapidly and can take a life.


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Contact your local healthcare provider to find out which vaccines are available to you.

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