Jeongjun's Story

Jeongjun, Korean Meningococcal Meningitis Centre, South Korea

I was affected by meningococcal meningitis about 10 years ago, when I lost my legs and fingers because of the disease.

At the time, I thought that I had lost everything, including my dreams.

One day, I met a man who changed my life. He also had artificial legs like me, but he didn’t see it as an obstacle. He worked at a good company, had got married and had a lovely family. He always looked confident.

I felt recharged just by looking at him. I wanted to be like him. So I decided to try the smallest things, step by step.

My first challenge was a general equivalency diploma, which I successfully passed with a high score.

My next step was a driving license. I’d never imagined that I would be able to drive, but I’m good at driving without my legs. And I gained confidence every time I achieved a result.

As I changed, other people changed too. As I opened my mind, people came up and talked to me. We became friends. I was going back to how I was before I was affected by meningitis.

Thanks to all, I graduated from university and am now working at National Pension Service where I am in charge of counselling for disabled people, which is very meaningful for me.

I would like to support other people affected by meningococcal meningitis to overcome the after effects of the disease. But most of all, I want there to be no more victims of meningitis in the world.

I know that there are many heroes who have overcome meningitis and are now encouraging others. I want to be like them and make a positive effect on the world.

I lost a small part of me but I got bigger. That’s when I realised that I can do anything.

About us

Jeongjun works for the Korea Meningococcal Meningitis Centre in Seoul, Korea.

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