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Support for Increased Vaccine Production in Africa

29 July 2015

The Confederation of Meningitis Organisations (CoMO) supports the International Coordinating Group (ICG) in their call for an immediate increase in vaccine production to combat the rise in Meningitis C in Africa this year.

Dr William Perea of WHO has stated that the number of meningitis C cases has been rising since 2013, meaning that we are at risk of a much larger number of cases in 2016. In order to avoid this potential danger it is essential that we rapidly increase the number of vaccines available.

The best method of prevention for meningitis is vaccination. The ICG have had preliminary discussions with vaccine manufacturers to try to convince them to increase the number of vaccines produced and create a stockpile of 5 million doses in preparation for 2016, but as yet manufacturers have not altered their production plans.

Outbreaks of meningitis around the world are most effectively contained when there is both a fast response as well as sufficient supplies to meet demand so it is crucial we act now before the situation can escalate.

To find out more please visit the WHO website: http://www.who.int/mediacentre/news/releases/2015/meningitis-africa/en/

Notes to editors:

-  The Confederation of Meningitis Organisations (CoMO) is an organisation that works towards a world free from meningitis, because we    can and we should.

-  Bacterial meningitis is an infection that results in the inflammation of the membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord. Bacterial      meningitis is the most aggressive type and can lead to permanent disability or death in a matter of hours.

-  Meningitis C is one type of bacterial meningitis caused by meningococcal type C bacteria.

For more information please contact:

Samantha Rosoman, Admin and Marketing Officer

E: samanthar@meningitis.org


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