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Editorial Process for Website Content and Scientific Information 

Website content is selected by  the Communications and Projects Manager and Executive Director of CoMO (CoMO's Head Office Team). As part of the editorial process, CoMO’s Scientific Advisory Group (CSAG) are consulted if content is of a medical or scientific nature and CoMO members are also asked to provide their input where appropriate to ensure that content is truly representative of its members views. Any content that is externally sourced is flagged as such.

Any mention of a medical procedure or medical information on meningitis has been reviewed and confirmed by our team of medical and scientific experts – our CSAG.

Items of this website that include medical review are:

  1. All of our Fact pages have been developed by CSAG and uploaded by CoMO’s Head Office staff. This was last reviewed and updated in April 2020.

  2. Some of the personal stories on our Personal Meningitis Stories webpage. Whenever a medical procedure is described in a submitted story, this is sent to CSAG for verification to ensure it’s being described accurately. If any changing to the wording is necessary, this is then sent back to the individual who submitted the story and approved by them before the story is uploaded. 

  3. Certain materials from our World Meningitis Day Toolkits (including: the Key Messages, Factsheet, Editable Factsheet and Infographics). For translated Toolkit resources like the infographics, once the confirmed text has been translated by one of our members, this is then double checked by a medical or scientific professional known to the translator to ensure the correct scientific terminology has been used. The process of scientific review, verification, translation and then a subsequent review takes at least two months.  

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