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Our members from our three regions, Europe-AfricaAsia-Pacific and the Americas, organised some fantastic activities to celebrate World Meningitis Day! Have a look at some of their events to get inspired for next year’s celebrations.    

The Meningitis Centre in Australia organised a social media campaign using CoMO Toolkit materials and sharing images with quotes from family members of meningitis sufferers.

Meningitis Research Foundation of Canada organised a terrifying CN Tower EdgeWalk for meningitis awareness & prevention. Not for the fainthearted! 

The Kimberly Coffey Foundation in America partnered with Pfizer on a video telling Kimberly's moving story to spread awareness of meningococcal meningitis. 


The Meningitis Association of South Africa had a National Awareness day on the 22nd April which included 4 radio interviews and 1 Twitter radio interview. Schoolchildren made a fantastic effort to dress ‘Blue for Meningitis’.    


Japan Child Meningitis Organisation (JACMO) held World Meningitis Day with the affected families in Tennoji Park in Osaka. Using the CoMO ’24 Hours’ theme they performed a vaccination campaign through a vaccine drama. Their handmade pamphlets were distributed among the audience and the event was demonstrated in a huge soap bubble


Meningitis Relief Canada (MRC) organised a brilliant ‘Walk on the Waterfront Trial’, promoting CoMO’s 24 Hours theme throughout. 


Ensemble contre la Méningite - Association Petit Ange organised a ‘24 Hour’ relay event where people walked and ran for various amounts of hours including one extremely impressive 24 hour walk to raise money and awareness for meningitis.  

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