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This year, activities took place in 16 countries worldwide. 


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Activities in the Asia Pacific Region:

Philippine Foundation for Vaccination (Philippines):

Gave talks at a variety of locations including symposiums and hospitals. Read more here>>

Meningitis Centre Australia (Australia)


The team disseminated information and pamphlets outside a shopping mall. 

Council House in Perth lit up in purple on the 24th in honour of World Meningitis Day.

Activities in the Europe Africa Region:

ACT for Meningitis (Ireland) 


Joined Irish Rugby captain Rory Best and former England Rugby player, Matt Dawson in Dublin at the launch of #TackleMeningitis on World Meningitis Day. They also used the CoMO logo in their social media posts.

Antimeningokok (Czech Republic)

On World Meningitis Day, Sunday 23rd April 2017, from 2pm to 5pm, in a shopping mall, a social afternoon, for children’s health was held.

Asociación Española Contra la Meningitis (Spain)

Organised 3 children’s fun days across the country:

  • Trike race organized by representatives in Galicia, Northern Spain: 200 boys and girls 3-5 years old attended. 

  • Short story reading: Paediatricians gave a talk on meningitis in schools.

  • 1km Cross-country Fun Run for 7-8 year olds. Received meningitis symptoms in


Sent in a video for the Voices Against Meningitis Video Campaign.

Caritas Nigeria 

Signed our Thunderclap and the team went out to communities of Abuja by motorbike and car, disseminating CoMO World Meningitis Day Materials. They also carried out Immunisations. 

Concern Health Education Project (Ghana)

 had a joint meeting of NGOs to discuss healthcare and how best to meet with a very hard to reach community in Accra to educate families about meningitis and the importance of vaccination. Over 150 mothers and fathers brought their babies for vaccination. They were vaccinated against polio, meningitis and TB, free of charge.

Fundacja Aby zyc (Poland)

Together with Warsaw Children's Hospital Fundacja Aby zyc organised a meeting on 27th April for paediatricians and nurses to educate about meningococcus, pneumoccocus and tick-borne virus. There was high attendance (~90), many questions & interactive discussion.

They also displayed the video from CoMO and their presenters gave wonderful speeches. 

Head Office (UK)

There was tea and cake at head office to celebrate, with CoMO staff wearing the Lion Heart Challenge’s World Meningitis Day T-shirts.

Meningitis Association South Africa (South Africa)

Visited schools and companies ‘dressing in orange’ to raise awareness of meningitis.

Meningitis Now (UK)

Made their own World Meningitis Day video and shared our theme and blog on their website, as well as using the #24HourMeninigitis hashtag.

Meningitis Research Foundation (UK)

Participated in the Voices against Meningitis Campaign video and also featured the blog written by Chris Head, CoMO president on their website. Watch MRF's Rob Dawson's clip here.

Activities in the Americas Region:

Kimberly Coffey Foundation + Emily Stillman Foundation (US)

Launched a Public Service Announcement ‘Men B shatters Dreams’ on meningococcal group B and the importance of awareness and vaccination; other mothers participated in the Public Service Announcement too.

Lion Heart Challenge (US)

Founder Alex Flatley raised more than $4,000 for CoMO via a t-shirt campaign and shared the Voices Against Meningitis video on social media. 

Meningitis Relief Canada (MRC) (Canada)

On April 30th, Meningitis Relief Canada organised a family walk alongside the waterfront of Toronto. All funds raised assist children and families affected by meningitis. Attended by some 45 people.

Meningitis Research Foundation of Canada (Canada)

MRFC hosted a wine auction event and shared the Voices Against Meningitis video on social media.

$18,000 raised for meningitis awareness and prevention.

The Ryan Martin Foundation (US)


Courtney Martin held their 2nd annual Trivia Night where they raised awareness of the symptoms of meningitis.

Approximately 80 people attended.

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