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Help us show how important it is to Trust Your Instincts when it comes to meningitis.

Here at CoMO, we want your input for creating a video to launch on World Meningitis Day on the 24th April. The video will consist of a collection of people from around the world sharing their stories and advice.

Will you add your voice to our worldwide campaign to raise awareness of meningitis?


Simply film your brief (10-15 second) answers to each the following questions:

  1. Why is meningitis awareness important?

  2. Why is it critical to ‘trust your instincts'?

  3. What action do you want viewers to take?

Don’t worry if you haven’t got a professional camera, a smartphone or any portable device with a camera is absolutely fine. The most important thing is that you speak clearly in a well-lit and quiet environment.

Step 1: Film

Use your camera or smartphone and ask someone to film you or alternatively, film selfie-videos and answer these 3 questions separately

  1. Why is meningitis awareness important?

  2. Why is it critical to ‘trust your instincts’?

  3. What action do you want viewers to take?

Filming tips:


  1. Speak clearly and loudly (but don’t shout!)

  2. Film landscape.

  3. Count to 3 before and after speaking to avoid the beginning and end being cut off.

  4. For best quality, film in a well-lit area with little background noise.

  5. Our friends at Suited and Booted have made this handy guide to self-shooting.

Step 2: Post on Social Media or Email

Post your video on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag: #24HourMeningitis. Tag friends or family who you think might like to do the same.

Alternatively, use a file sharing website such as Dropbox or WeTransfer to email your video to CoMO’s Lucy Swain at by 10th April. Remember to give us your Facebook name and Twitter handle so that we can tag you in the final video!


Step 3: Share

Thank you for adding your voice to our global community of advocates for meningitis. ALL of the videos will be incorporated in the final Voices against Meningitis Video in time for the launch on World Meningitis Day on the 24th April. Keep your eye on our social media channels to see how you feature and share, using our hashtag #24HourMeningitis! Remember that awareness is key to prevention.


                                                Share on Twitter

                                                Share on Facebook


A huge thank you to everyone who shared their Voices! The final video can be seen here. We received a large number of entries and weren't able to feature all of the clips; however, the faces of everyone who participated feature in the background montage and their clips can be viewed here.


 If you have any questions at all regarding the video, please get in touch with CoMO’s Lucy Swain, at

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