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Ashleigh: A Day in Her Life

When Ashleigh was only six months old, she contracted pneumococcal meningitis and was in Intensive Care for two weeks while she fought for her life. Read her parents' story of their experiences when she was battling the disease. 

Fortunately, Ashleigh survived, but was left with a range of disabilities. Despite this, today she is a happy and healthy young woman, lovingly cared for by her family and a team of support workers who keep her active and engaged with a range of fun activities. 

Photography credit to Freedom Garvey Photography

Determined that no other child should have to suffer meningitis, Ashleigh's father Bruce co-founded the Meningitis Centre of Australia and works towards raising awareness of the deadly disease. Bruce is also Vice President in the Asia Pacific region for CoMO.  


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Do you or someone you care about require support after experiencing meningitis? Get in touch or connect with a member in your country.

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