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World Meningitis Day

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World Meningitis Day (5th October) was started in 2009 by a community of people affected by meningitis. Meningitis can cause death in hours; once it strikes, the race to defeat meningitis begins.


Despite being largely vaccine-preventable, progress to defeat meningitis is behind that of other infectious diseases. In the last year, countries around the world have committed to the World Health Organization’s Global Road Map to Defeat Meningitis by 2030, which could save more than 200,000 lives annually and significantly reduce disabilities caused by meningitis. Meeting this vision requires collective action.


That’s why you can make a difference this World Meningitis Day: check out the tools we have created so you can easily share meningitis signs and symptoms, facts, and personal stories with everyone you know. Join us in the race to defeat meningitis this 5th October.


#DefeatMeningitis #WorldMeningitisDay


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The meningitis story so far

A Global Threat
Meningitis and neonatal sepsis are the 2nd biggest infectious cause of death in children under 5.

The Reality
Meningitis can kill in hours: 1 in 10 people who become infected die and 1 in 5 survivors end up with lifelong disabilities.

There is a global road map to defeat meningitis by 2030. With your help, it could save 200,000 lives annually and reduce the disabilities caused by meningitis.


Why I’m racing to defeat meningitis


I’ve had over 50 operations, lost 4 major organs and received a kidney transplant thanks to meningococcal meningitis. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Sarah Joyce,

Let’s race to



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Every year, World Meningitis Day brings together people from all over the world to highlight the need to raise awareness of meningitis, its signs and symptoms, the vaccines that are available, and that it is an infection that needs global attention and effort to be defeated.


Meningitis Research Foundation is an international charity which began in the UK in 1989. We’ve been working to defeat meningitis and septicaemia wherever they exist for over 30 years. The Confederation of Meningitis Organizations (CoMO) is our global network of patient groups, meningitis advocates, and health professionals. They work to reduce the incidence and impact of meningitis in more than 40 countries.

#DefeatMeningitis #WorldMeningitisDay

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