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Launch of the Global Roadmap to Defeat Meningitis by 2030

Are you a CoMO member? Do you want to get involved in the launch of the Roadmap? 

This is your chance to submit artwork as part of the Roadmap launch, to be used as part of the official WHO launch event and shared with millions of people around the world. 

5 winning artworks will be chosen, with prize money of £200, and all artwork entered will be included in a public gallery. The competition is only open to CoMO members. Each CoMO member can submit more than one entry. You can submit entries from your contacts, family and associates but the prize money will only be paid to the CoMO member submitting the artwork.


Painter Sam - work in progress
Aftermath by Oriana.jpg

CoMO members can:

  • Create a piece of art or craft on your own or with your family

  • Work with a local school or community group

  • Ask local artists to help

  • Create a large chalk drawing in a public place (with relevant permissions)

  • Create physical art, such as movement or music and record a video of it

Inspiration: Painter Sam getting started

The art or craftwork should celebrate the launch of the Roadmap. However, you can pick from a range of themes. You could create artwork that represents:

  • Why defeating meningitis is vital

  • A celebration of the Roadmap launch

  • One of the Roadmap pillars: prevention, diagnosis and treatment, surveillance, advocacy, support and after care

  • Defeating meningitis

  • Your experience of meningitis

  • Someone or something that has helped you overcome the challenges of meningitis

Inspiration: Oriana's Aftermath

A photo or video of the final artwork must be submitted no later than 27th September, although ideally we would receive artwork before this date as that ensures it will be presented during the launch event. Where possible, entrants should also include a short video showing the artwork being created (this can be a simple series of clips taken on a phone). The video will not be judged but may be shown to delegates from across the world at the official Roadmap launch.

Submit your artwork on this page and please ensure you write which CoMO member you're representing in the text box provided for messages!


 Please contact us if you would like more information.

Let's #DefeatMeningitis

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