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Advocacy for meningitis: case-studies

Looking for new ideas on how to raise awareness of meningitis, push to extend vaccine provision, or improve diagnosis and care?


These case-studies have been developed with CoMO members to support patient groups and health organisations. The case-studies share stories of meningitis-related campaigning in different contexts – including Nigeria, Peru, US, and France – sharing tips and approaches and celebrating success.


The case-studies reflect the huge experience and creativity of CoMO members – and the important changes they’ve helped bring about across the world. We hope they will give you some practical strategies and ideas – and inspire you to keep working for change, particularly around the WHO's Global Roadmap to Defeat Meningitis by 2030. Please do share them with colleagues and other organisations in your networks. We’d welcome feedback on how you’ve used them and whether you have found them useful. Contact:


Thank you to all the CoMO members who shared their experiences and worked with us on the development of the case-studies.



Raising awareness about meningitis in Nigeria

The impact of meningitis on women and poorer families in Nigeria is very high. Care and Development Centre Nigeria is raising awareness about the socio-economic impact of meningitis and advocating for better care and support for survivors.


Political lobbying and awareness raising in Spain

Asociación Española contra la Meningitis (AEM) has worked with a political lobbying organisation to build its campaign strategy and get vaccination up the health agenda in Spain.


Counting the Cost, UK

Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF) shares its experience of calculating the life-time cost of meningitis-induced health conditions to campaign for extending vaccination.


Campaigning for vaccines in Australia

Meningitis Centre of Australia shares its experience of using personal stories to campaign for immunisation against meningitis-related diseases in Australia.


Raising awareness about meningitis, Turkey

Meningitis is not well understood in Turkey. Turkey Meningitis Information Centre is working with students and volunteer advocates to raise awareness about meningitis in the country.


Advocating for the MenB vaccine in France

An alliance of organisations has successfully advocated for the introduction of the MenB vaccine in France and share their strategy and approaches.


Raising awareness about Meningitis B in the US

The Meningitis B Action Project (MAP) shares its insights about raising awareness with families, policy makers and health providers in the US.


Storytellers campaign, Peru

Una Vida por Dakota have used videos featuring characters from different regions of Peru to persuade older people across the country to get the pneumococcal vaccine.


Campaigning for better diagnosis and treatment, UK

MRF and Meningitis Now have worked with families to advocate for better diagnosis and treatment for meningitis in the UK and share insights about supporting families to talk directly to decision makers.


These case studies are part of a suite of resources that we have created to help you advocate for change. You may also be interested in our Using storytelling to drive health policy change guide, or our Planning for change online training.

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