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What is the Confederation of Meningitis Organisations (CoMO)?

As a valued member of our vibrant global membership organisation, you are a vital part of a collective effort to defeat meningitis. We are a network of people and organisations around the world, united in our mission to defeat meningitis. Our members in over 55 countries include organisations & associated NGOs, affected individuals and medical clinicians. Together and in collaboration across four corners of the globe – we are dedicated to meningitis prevention, support and advocacy within our communities and countries.

Top CoMO member benefits

Network and community - Be part of our diverse network of people & organisations, plus monthly newsletter, social media groups, news & resources.

CoMO member conference - Network with like-minded organisations & individuals, take part in training based on members’ needs.

Advocacy fund - Organisations can apply for annual grants to deliver projects for World Meningitis Day.


WHO Global Road Map - Connect to global health policy developments to defeat meningitis by 2030 via our ‘Race to 2030’ advocacy programme.

Support - Your dedicated CoMO regional coordinator can provide insight and guidance, plus updates on member achievements and challenges.

Meningitis Research Foundation conference - Health care professional members receive registration fee discounts & free online sessions.

Regional meetings - Be inspired by guest speakers, regional members, spot opportunities for collaboration & learn about latest meningitis campaigning.

World Meningitis Day - Access free tools and resources to create your own community activities or get involved in the WMD working group.

No membership fees - We only ask for your passion and energy to help in the fight to defeat meningitis.

CoMO member video

Members were featured in our powerful video highlighting why defeating meningitis is so important to them and how they are committed to tackling it.

Member types

  • Full membership: Fully registered, not-for-profit organisations whose work on meningitis is a significant part of what they do.

  • Associate membership: Not-for-profit groups who aren’t registered as organisations, or not-for-profits whose focus on meningitis or sepsis is a smaller part of what they do.  

  • Friends: Individuals (such as healthcare professionals, people directly affected by meningitis and advocates) who want to join our mission to see meningitis defeated. 


The essence of our CoMO experience lies in the realization that we are part of a unique global voice. Beyond our individual countries or regions, we contribute to shaping international discussions and strategies related to meningitis. This global perspective enhances the impact of our advocacy, creating a resonance that is heard on a worldwide scale.


Mehmet Gençel, Founder of the Meningitis Volunteers Association, Türkiye

The sense of unity and purpose within CoMO has been inspiring, fostering a collaborative environment where every member's contribution is valued. It's heartening to see diverse talents and perspectives converging for a singular cause. Through our collective efforts, we have not only made strides in raising awareness but also actively worked towards making a meaningful impact on the fight against meningitis.

Dr Ravi Kumar, Founder of the Brainchild Trust, India


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