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CoMO is an international member organisation. Our members benefit from being part of a global network that works together to reduce the incidence and impact of meningitis worldwide.

Membership of CoMO is free and open to patient groups, individuals and not-for-profit organisations with a focus on
meningitis, survivors and families.

We have three types of members:

  • Full Member, for groups and organisations with a specific focus on meningitis. If a non-profit organisation, legal registration is required to become a Full Member. 

  • Associate Member, for groups and organisations with an interest in meningitis. This membership tier is also for organisations without legal registration. 

  • Friends of CoMO, for individuals (such as healthcare professionals, people affected and advocates) who want to support our work.

Learn more about membership types, including relevant benefits and duties. 

Member benefits

By becoming a member of CoMO, you will:

  • Add your voice to the global call for meningitis awareness, prevention and treatment. Together, we can’t be ignored.

  • Get access to CoMO’s expertise, resources, toolkits, global network and support materials to help your organisation grow and become sustainable.

  • Share ideas, resources and materials with other members in our Members' Area. 

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Once you become a member of CoMO you will be given access to a repository of resources that will help you raise awareness in your community.

  • Get help setting up a new organisation.

  • Be invited to attend conferences and events to meet other members, share ideas, hear from international meningitis experts and develop best practice skills.

  • Be matched with one of our CoMO Buddies (an existing CoMO member that can help support your organisation).

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The buddying program aims to support the sustainable development of new members while helping them contribute to the achievement of our shared vision, to prevent meningitis because we can and we should.

Having a buddy will:

  • Make sure new members make the most of being part of the CoMO family, understand the benefits and what is available.

  • Make sure that the needs of new members are understood and supported.

  • Facilitate sharing of knowledge, expertise and resources so that new members can learn from those who have already been through the journey.

  • Encourage participation in CoMO and member activities

Join the CoMO family today!

It doesn’t cost anything to become a CoMO member. Become a Full Member, Associate Member or Friend of CoMO today! There are two easy ways you can become a member today. 


Interested in becoming a member and joining the global fight against meningitis?

Completing our online form is the quickest way to become a member but it isn't the only way. If you prefer, you can instead download our application form, complete it and then email it to us at 

If you are not interested in becoming a member at this time but would like to receive updates on meningitis advocacy worldwide please sign up to receive our quarterly email newsletters. 

For more information about membership please email CoMO.

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