Conferences and Events

CoMO Conferences

CoMO organises Global or Regional Conferences each year to provide our members with the opportunity to meet, share ideas, attend workshops and develop best practice skills to support their organisations. 

A mix of presentations and interactive workshops fill the agenda, whereby members receive information relevant for their advocacy, such as scientific surveillance updates and training workshops based on members’ self-reported gaps in knowledge.


Guest speakers and experts in their field are invited to provide such training workshops and in the past they’ve focused on: events fundraising, social media campaigns, and volunteer recruitment and management - to name just a few. Member case studies complement the sessions and help ground the learnings into best practice for patient groups.

Global Conferences

Global Conferences are an opportunity for our global membership base to connect and learn skills together that will benefit their advocacy. These conferences highlight the true global burden of the disease and allows members to form global partnerships over a shared vision.

Regional Conferences

Regional Conferences provide an opportunity for CoMO members to connect and share best practice with other members in their region (Europe Africa, Asia Pacific or the Americas). Recognising the need for regional specificity and coordination to defeat meningitis, these conferences are structured around regional-specific issues that members wish to discuss.

Collaborator Conferences and Events


We collaborate with organisations that have similar aims and interests to ours, attending and speaking at relevant events to raise awareness of meningitis and share the human cost of the disease. Please find upcoming events below.

ESPID 2020 

ESPID 2020 has been rescheduled to 26-29 October 2020 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 

If you think your event should be listed on our website please get in touch.