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MSD has published a report on the current state of paediatric vaccination in Europe, featuring Sam Nye - Executive Director of CoMO - as one of the experts interviewed. The report discusses the direct and indirect positive effects of paediatric vaccination on people's health and how it is an essential element in a broader life-course approach to vaccination. Currently, more could be done improve immunisation infrastructures to help increase uptake and secure the long-term sustainability of European healthcare systems. 

Coalition for Life-course Immunisation

The Coalition for Life-Course Immunisation (CLCI) is a European project that aims to ensure people of all ages within Europe are immunised to stay healthy and protect themselves against the diseases that can cause meningitis and septicaemia. With ageing populations, CoMO believes we have to act now to support our healthcare services. Adopting a life-course approach to vaccination will help provide for the rise in ageing populations so that people will be able to live for longer and will be in better health for a larger proportion of their lives. 

A first in Europe, the Coalition for Life Course Immunisation is an exciting initiative that brings together a wide range of voices to identify and share best policies and practices. CoMO supports CLCI’s events and communications work and we attend policy forums and conferences to discuss the importance of a life-course approach to immunisation.

Through our partnerships and work supporting the CLCI, CoMO reiterates: “ANYONE can get meningitis, therefore EVERYONE has the right to access prevention and treatment”. Through the CLCI, CoMO is advocating and promoting the cost-effective benefit of adult immunisation. By promoting health and well-being for all at all ages, CoMO are proud to be supporting Goal 3 of the SDGs.

To read updates on the project click here.

Health and vaccination policies are the responsibility of individual European Member States so we need to work together if we want to ensure that life-course vaccinations are available for all citizens in the EU. If you believe in the importance of a life-course approach to immunisation, then take a look at CLCI’s website, where you can sign up to receive newsletter updates, become a member or supporter.  

Last updated: October 2020 

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