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Anne Geddes' Portraits Highlight Resilience of Meningitis Survivors

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

After conducting photo shoots in Australia, London and Toronto, Anne Geddes has compiled images of meningococcal survivors into a beautiful eBook entitled Protecting our Tomorrows: Portraits of Meningococcal Disease.

This stunning Anne Geddes image collection includes participants from around the world and is available as a free eBook from today, World Meningitis Day, 24 April 2014.

This unique partnership between Anne Geddes, the Confederation of Meningitis Organisations (CoMO) and Novartis, is a global initiative to raise awareness among parents of the threat of meningococcal disease and the importance of its prevention.

"As a photographer and mother, it was incredibly moving to meet these young people and see firsthand the impact that meningococcal disease has had on their lives," said Anne Geddes.

"I feel privileged to be joining these survivors and their families, not just to raise awareness, but to highlight their powerful stories of resilience and also honour those who have tragically lost their lives to the disease".

The Confederation of Meningitis Organisations (CoMO) is very honoured to have partnered with Anne Geddes on this project as the Global Partner.

"We are proud to be a part of the Protecting Our Tomorrows: Portraits of Meningococcal Disease project that continues to educate communities across the globe through inspiring photographs and powerful stories," said CoMO President Bruce Langoulant.

"CoMO represents families around the world who have been directly affected by meningitis caused by meningococcal disease and with this series and eBook, we hope families know about meningococcal disease, recognise the symptoms, act quickly, and check with your doctor if your chlid's vaccinations are up to date."

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