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Six ways you can fly the Meningitis Flag

Meningitis flag image with the text - Protect. Support. Defeat. Let's fly the meningitis flag

Last year, Meningitis Research Foundation, including our CoMO advisory council and regional coordinators, co-created the Meningitis Flag with world-leading para-athletes, Ellie Challis, Théo Curin, and Davide Morana, and global pharmaceutical company Sanofi. Our aim was to create a unique and universal symbol for everyone who wants to see a world where meningitis has been defeated.  


Nearly a year on from its launch, the Meningitis Flag is set to fly high during a summer of sport. We’re thrilled to announce that it will feature across Paris in more than 200 locations, showing the deep connection between para-sport and those that survive meningitis.  


Sports fans are passionate, highly engaged online and care about fairness and equity, issues that also matter to all of us involved in the defeating meningitis movement. We hope bringing the two together - meningitis and sport - will take awareness of meningitis to the next level. 


How you can use the Meningitis Flag 

We want everyone to wear the Meningitis Flag and support its message of ‘Protect. Support. Defeat.’ As our CoMO members, you will receive a special pack this month in the post. This is complemented by a digital awareness pack, which is now available on the CoMO website.  


Here are six impactful ways you can use these between now and September 2024: 


1. Wear your pin badge 

Pin it on, take a photo, and share it on social media using #MeningitisFlag. Let everyone know why you’re wearing it. Your story could inspire others to join the defeating meningitis movement. 


2. Spread the word 

When people ask about your pin badge, explain that it’s the Meningitis Flag, symbolising your commitment to defeating meningitis. Personal stories and conversations can be powerful tools for raising awareness. 


3. Share the pin badges 

You will receive four pin badges - keep one and give the rest to friends, family, your colleagues or connections. Encourage them to wear the badges and share with others why defeating meningitis matters to them. 


4. Use the Meningitis Flag awareness pack 

Go to for our digital awareness pack. It’s filled with easy-to-use resources to help you show you support defeating meningitis. Looking for ideas? Replace your existing social media account header with the Meningitis Flag from now to September, use it as your virtual meeting background, print the stickers for your next community event. Get creative and then tell us what is working for you in the CoMO member Facebook group or at your next regional call.  


5. Display the poster 

Print off the poster included in our digital awareness pack and put it in your window. The poster also folds into a leaflet you can give to others. Print extra copies, hand them out and we could have communities of Meningitis Flags in windows across the world.  


6. Participate in Paris 

Will you be in Paris in August or September this year? Let us know now. We’re planning our activities and would love every CoMO member in the city during these two months to get involved. 


Share your experience 

We hope you enjoy your special Meningitis Flag pack, whether that’s the physical one coming to you in the post or the digital one on the CoMO website. Whether you got five minutes or five hours, we’ll have an activity for you.  


Whatever way you choose to fly the Meningitis Flag, share your experiences with us so we can show what you are doing. Let's make defeating meningitis the loudest message people hear at this year’s global sporting events.  

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