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Written Declaration on Vaccination Campaigns Update

22 December 2015

CoMO recently ran a campaign to support a Written Declaration on Vaccination Campaigns. In order for the Declaration to be forwarded to the Commission and the Council it needed to be signed by at least half of the Members of the European Parliament, which  is 377 members. On 7th December the Declaration came to a close with 125 signatures. Whilst we are disappointed that it didn’t achieve a majority, we’re encouraged that there is now greater awareness of the need for improved vaccination policies.

Dr Daphne Holt, CoMO Vice President and lead on the Life Course Immunisation Initiative commented, “It is disappointing that this Declaration didn’t attract the necessary number of signatures but we are optimistic about future support, considering the response we received from our members and the number of MEPs who are now aware of our initiative. We are confident that this campaign has paved the way for further campaigns advocating for political change around life course vaccination in the New Year.”

In keeping with our change equation, which emphasises the importance of key decision makers working together with patient advocates and health experts, we will continue to draw together likeminded organisations, MEPs, patient advocates and scientific experts to influence policy around life course vaccination.

We’d like to thank everyone that supported us in our campaign by writing to their MEPs and spreading the word, we wouldn’t have got this far without you!

If you would like to receive updates on the progress of the LCI you can sign up here. For any questions please contact Sam Rosoman: or +44 333 405 6264.

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