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This year our theme for World Meningitis Day is "24 Hours- Time to Act!" We have assembled some materials for you to share to raise awareness
of how crucial 24 hours can be when faced with meningitis. We want you to Learn, Tell and Act now to keep you and your loved ones protected!

This year's World Meningitis Day logo

Add this logo to your awareness-raising materials and show your support.

Download Logo »

Sample Social Media Posts

Download examples of Facebook and Twitter messages to share on World Meningitis Day

Download Social Media Template »

Meningitis Factsheet

Learn the facts about meningitis- what it is, key symptoms to watch out for and what you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Download Meningitis Factsheet »

Key Infographics

Take action - spread the word! Share these infographics to help raise awareness of meningitis.

Download Infographics »

Awareness Videos

Watch and share our World Meningitis Day videos to hear from those whose lives have been changed forever by meningitis. Check out our YouTube channel for other awareness-raising videos.

Watch World Meningitis Day Videos »

Visit CoMO's YouTube Channel »


Quotes from our CoMO Members

Share the words of those who have witnessed meningitis first hand.

Download Set of Quotes » 


BLOG: The Importance of 24 Hours 

Hear from Patsy Schanbaum, CoMO Americas regional leader and mother to a meningitis survivor, Bruce Langoulant, Asia Pacific leader and father to a meningitis survivor, and Chris Head, Europe Africa regional leader and CoMO President, as they share their personal experiences with meningitis in our World Meningitis Day blog.

Read the Blog here »

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