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On the 8th of February 2011, Greg received news that changed his life forever. His son Nicolis had contracted an aggressive form of bacterial meningitis; within five hours of feeling unwell he was past the point of recovery and tragically died three days later. You can read Greg's story here.

Determined to prevent such a tragedy from occurring to others, Greg worked with The Immunization Partnership and The J.A.M.I.E. Group to make the Jamie Schanbaum/Nicolis Williams Act law in Texas in 2011. This law requires new college students to get vaccinated against the disease, protecting a group who are at a greater risk of contracting meningitis and other infections caused by bacteria that can lead to the disease. 

A few years later, Greg set up the Nico Williams Foundation in Texas (USA) to honour the memory of his son. 

 Greg holding a portrait of his son, Nicolis 

To watch another video of someone's experiences #AfterMeningitis, click here.

Do you or someone you care about require support after experiencing meningitis? Get in touch or connect with a member in your country.

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