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Adult Immunization Advocacy Summit - June 25th - 27th

01 July 2015

Vice President Dr Daphne Holt, was delighted to represent CoMO at the Adult Immunisation Advocacy Summit in Rome convened by the International Federation on Aging (IFA), Toronto, Canada. This meeting drew together experts in the field of adult vaccination from eight European countries representing key European and international organisations. The delegates reviewed current data on vaccine preventable diseases and vaccinations indicated in adulthood and discussed barriers to adult vaccination with a view to proposing strategies for improvement.

Belief persists that infectious diseases are a phenomenon of childhood, however diseases such as meningococcal meningitis and septicaemia, pneumococcal meningitis and pneumonia, measles, pertussis and seasonal influenza place a significant burden on individuals of all ages. Thus, maintaining high immunisation rates across all age groups is essential to protect the population.

Despite previous calls to action, advocacy in the area of communicable diseases is sadly lacking within the European Community, therefore encouragement and support for public health vaccination advocacy is urgently required.

CoMO looks forward to further collaboration with IFA in moving forward the life course immunisation agenda.   

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