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Rhoda's Video Transcript

Omorodion Rhoda Omoile (Care and Development Centre, Nigeria): “As an organisation, Care and Development Centre, basically what we do is to create awareness of the symptoms and prevention at a community level so we go around, meet groups, and tell them about it. Sometimes we also do advocacy to the government sector to with the Men A vaccine, before it was launched in our country, we paid a visit to the Ministry of Health and we actually appeared advocating that the vaccine should be available for children and Youth Copa’s. Youth Copa’s are students that have passed from the higher institute and they need to serve the nation for one year. So we advocated that the vaccine should be available for them. We were really welcomed, the ministry of health welcomed us and they assured us that something is on the ground and they would push towards it.

A few months later we got information that it has been launched. Presently in Nigeria, the Men A vaccine is available for ages 19-15 months old. So we do a lot for awareness, to make people know about it, and go for the vaccine. “

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