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World Meningitis Day Toolkit 2021

The text of all materials have been reviewed and approved by our Scientific Advisory Group.

World Meningitis Day is on the 24th of April every year. This year's theme is TakeAction #DefeatMeningitis. 

Whether you're a representative of an organisation or an individual, all Toolkit resources are free to download and use to assist with your advocacy efforts and raise awareness of meningitis and World Meningitis Day!


Meningococcal changed my life forever.

I lost four major organs and still face challenges every day.

- Sarah Joyce, The Sarah Joyce Project

World Meningitis Day Logo

Add this logo to your awareness-raising materials to show your support. 


Testimonial Tiles

EN Christine & Mathias - Twitter.png

Our testimonial tiles are powerful personal stories from people describing their own experience with meningitis. Some have lost a loved one to the disease, some live with the after effects of it, others have worked with families struggling to cope after their experience. 


Incorporate them into your awareness-raising campaigns. Below, you can find the story you want, pick a language option and format and then download the specific story. You can also download all testimonial tiles. 

Note: To share these testimonial tiles on WhatsApp, download the Facebook/Instagram versions.

Key Messages

Incorporate these key messages when you talk or write about the campaign.


Download, read through and share our factsheet with some main stats and facts about meningitis. 

Editable Factsheet Template

Download, review and edit our editable factsheet - an editable version of the factsheet above that allows you to add information about prevention and meningitis awareness in your country. 


Download our infographics in any of the 10 available languages for use on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! 

Note: To share these infographics on WhatsApp, download the Facebook/Instagram versions.


The infographics cover the following four topics: 1) Global Facts and Figures 2) Preventing the Preventable 3) Signs and Symptoms and 4) Defeat Meningitis. 

EN Global Facts and Figures -

Virtual Awareness-Raising during Covid-19: A Guide

Governments across the world have issued public health guidelines to help limit the spread of the virus. These guidelines may affect your plans to meet up, hold events and raise awareness for World Meningitis Day.

In these uncertain times, there are still ways you can help #DefeatMeningitis this World Meningitis Day while keeping your community safe.

Review our Virtual Awareness-Raising guide for tips and ideas.

Social Media: Profile picture frames and cover photos

Change your profile picture and cover photo to reflect your support for #WorldMeningitisDay! 

Add our official Twibbon to your profile picture on Twitter.

Add our official Facebook frame to your profile picture on Facebook

Add any of our cover photos to your Twitter or Facebook accounts. 



We were thrilled to hear from people around the world about why we must all work to #DefeatMeningitis now.


From survivors in America and Kenya, to a researcher in Sweden and a WHO consultant in the UK, each individual has their own unique experience of the disease, but all can attest to the need to prevent future cases. The video below is our main video but we also have extended cuts of everyone's footage, check it out here. 

A huge thanks to all participants and to our videographer, Regan, at The 208 Agency.


Agency 208.png
Faces of meningitis - collage.png
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