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The CoMO membership has been at the very heart of the Race to 2030 WHO investment case, ensuring that patient voices are central to the debate.


46 member organisations signed a joint announcement, pledging to unite, support and advocate for action to defeat meningitis.

CoMO membership

We are a network of people and organisations around the world, united in our mission to defeat meningitis. Our members in over 55 countries include organisations & associated NGOs, affected individuals and medical clinicians.


Together and in collaboration across four corners of the globe – we are dedicated to meningitis prevention, support and advocacy within our communities and countries.  Read more


Introducing the

Meningitis Flag

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CoMO member video

Members were featured in our powerful video highlighting why defeating meningitis is so important to them and how they are committed to tackling it.

Investment case for civil society

The World Health Organisation's first high-level meeting on meningitis and the publication of their investment case to defeat meningitis are critical milestones in the race to 2030.

Find out more about what they mean and why they're important in our explainer.

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