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You can read our full World Meningitis Day Report here.

Our members from our three regions, Europe AfricaAsia Pacific and the Americas, organised a huge variety of activities to mark World Meningitis Day 2018! Take a look at what they did and get inspired for next year’s celebrations.

PFV created commemorative t-shirts, organised a 'Walk for Vaccination', and held a huge Zumba session to raise awareness of meningitis and the importance of vaccination!

Founder Alex Flatley raised funds for CoMO through his t-shirt campaign - thank you so much Alex!

Held a race for 300 toddlers to raise awareness of meningitis!

Had a meeting with health workers to vaccinate children and particpated in a radio talk show with opinion leaders to publicise the demand for meningitis vaccinations.

Founders of the Kimberly Coffey Foundation and Emily Stillman Foundation travelled to Washington to introduce a Resolution that would designate April 24th as National Meningitis B Awareness Day in the United States!

Meningitis Now made a video with meningitis survivor Harmonie-Rose to highlight the symptoms of meningitis.

Displayed banners and posters at a busy market to educate traders about the causes, signs and symptoms of meningitis.

MRFC hosted their annual wine auction event in Toronto to raise funds and awareness.

Created and released an infographic on the global incidence of meningitis. See the infographic here.

Encouraged schools and companies to dress in different colours to raise awareness of the different types and strains of meningitis.

Meningitis Relief Canada (MRC)'s Young Ambassadors raised awareness by making wonderful posters!

MOIGE raised awareness of meningitis by being interviewed on national TV. Watch the interview here

Nederlandse Meningitis Stichting made a video to raise awareness of meningitis.

Held an awareness event with several talks at Sakura Hall of Osaka City General Hospital (OCGH).

The JAMIE Group held a World Meningitis Day fundraiser on social media, raising over $4,100! Patsy Schanbaum, The JAMIE Group co-founder, was also interviewed by GSK's Dr Leonard Friedland about her family's experience with meningitis.

MCA operated a stall in Perth to raise awareness of meningitis, got Greg Hunt MP to film a video of himself recognising World Meningitis Day, and arranged for Trafalgar Bridge in Perth to be lit up in purple.

Friend of CoMO and Governing Council Member, Maureen, purchased and wore the World Meningitis Day t-shirt to raise awareness! 

Please contact us if you have any questions.


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