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Tilly contracted meningitis and septicaemia, caused  by meningococcal strain B, when she was a baby, resulting in limb loss. Since then, the family have been supported by Meningitis Help and CoMO member Meningitis Now; Tilly's mum recounts the scary moment she found out her daughter had contracted meningitis here.

Tilly was only 15 months old when she had to fight for her life

Nowadays Tilly is thriving. She's an ambassador for Open Bionics, helping create 3D printed arms for amputees just like her worldwide and is a role model for young people everywhere!  

 Tilly continues managing her after effects but they never stopped her from living her life to the fullest!

To watch another video of someone's experiences #AfterMeningitis, click here.


Do you or someone you care about require support after experiencing meningitis? Get in touch or connect with a member in your country.

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