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Our Work

As part of Meningitis Research Foundation, CoMO is an international department that coordinates a network of members (organisations and advocates), all united under the aim to defeat meningitis. We run a range of projects to help us and our members meet our shared goal - these include: 


 World Meningitis Day 2022 - 5th October 2022

CoMO has been coordinating World Meningitis Day, a online health campaign, every year since 2008. It's an opportunity for CoMO members and partners to come together and raise the global profile of meningitis. We look forward to commemorating the day with you in October! 

Conferences and Events

CoMO organises conferences and events every year so that our members can meet-up, network and attend trainings that align with their priorities. We also share information about events we're involved in, such as Meningitis Research Foundation's annual scientific conference.


Global Roadmap to Defeat Meningitis by 2030 

In September 2021, WHO officially launched their Global Roadmap to Defeat Meningitis by 2030. This landmark achievement marks a turning point in meningitis advocacy and we'll be continuing our work while also looking for new opportunities to increase our impact.

Strengthening Patient Voices

CoMO and MRF ran this pilot project (Strengthening Patient Voices) to support three CoMO members (all patient groups) to develop the goals, strategies and skills required to strengthen their effectiveness. While this pilot project has finished, we're looking to scale-up the initiative by offering e-learning options for CoMO members. 

National Immunization Awareness Month

In August 2020, CoMO commemorated National Immunization Awareness Month. While a U.S. campaign, at that time, immunisation rates had fallen due to Covid-19 and so we recognised the need to increase vaccine advocacy as a way of ensuring people are protected from deadly vaccine-preventable diseases like meningitis.

Life Course Immunisation 

Meningitis can strike anyone at any time. That's why we support initiatives focused on promoting immunisation across the life course, helping to ensure people live longer, healthier lives. This includes our work in Immunisation For All Ages and Coalition for Life Course Immunisation.

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