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World Meningitis Day

World Meningitis Day is on the 5th of October and we were delighted to be joined by millions of people around the world to raise awareness of meningitis, a disease that can tragically take a life in under 24 hours. The campaign date is different from previous years; you can read our official announcement explaining why this year is different here

We look forward to commemorating the next World Meningitis Day with you all on 5th October, 2022! If you can't wait and want to get involved in the fight to defeat meningitis now, learn more about how to become a member or feel free to contact us at  

For more information about the 2021 campaign:

The WHO approved their Global Roadmap to Defeat Meningitis by 2030 in November 2020,  marking a landmark achievement that recognises the struggles of millions of people affected by meningitis.


Despite this momentous occasion, serious challenges remain.  

When someone has meningitis, it is important to act fast. Unfortunately, not many people know about the disease and the symptoms can be easily confused with other diseases like the flu, malaria or even Covid-19.


A delay in diagnosis and treatments claims lives and leaves many others with serious, life-long after effects. 

Here's where you come in. 

By learning about meningitis, sharing our Toolkit's resources, and getting involved in the campaign, you too can #DefeatMeningitis - not just on World Meningitis Day, but every day.

2021 Key Messages 

Hospital Staff

Meningitis and septicaemia are medical emergencies that can be deadly and have serious, long-lasting impacts. 


We were thrilled to hear from people around the world about why we must all work to #DefeatMeningitis now.


From survivors in America and Kenya, to a researcher in Sweden and a WHO consultant in the UK, each individual has their own unique experience of the disease, but all can attest to the need to prevent future cases. The video below is our main video but we also have extended cuts of everyone's footage, check it out here. 

A huge thanks to all participants and to our videographer, Regan, at The 208 Agency.

Agency 208.png

What can you do? 

We're closer than we ever have been to defeating meningitis thanks to our committed members and the WHO's endorsement of the Global Roadmap to Defeat Meningitis by 2030.


To make this vision a reality, we're calling on everyone to take action to defeat meningitis. There are many ways you can get involved but we're specifically encouraging everyone to get in touch with their local politicians to call on them to support World Meningitis Day. You can help make meningitis a priority in just four simple steps - described below.

Policy push CTA.png

You can start by filling in the Google Form below! 

Can't get in touch with your local politician? 

Don't worry! Simple actions can have a big impact, learn more below.  

Support Group
Share resources from CoMO's Toolkit, talk about meningitis with your loved ones and get active on social media. 
Use the hashtags #WorldMeningitisDay and #DefeatMeningitis and we'll see what you've posted! 

Raise awareness

Doctor and Patient
Meningitis is fast to develop and can kill in hours. Prevention is key. 
Ensure you are up to date with your immunisations; there are multiple vaccines to protect against the most common types of meningitis.
Not all are vaccine preventable so learn the signs and symptoms. Seek urgent medical attention if you suspect  meningitis.

Prevent meningitis

Shake on It

Contact a CoMO Member or Join our network 

CoMO has over 80 members in over 30 countries worldwide, all committed to defeating to meningitis.
Do you want to connect to someone close to you? 
Do you to join our global network? 

Do you want to support the World Meningitis Day campaign but aren't sure how?


Please get in touch with us at

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