Chris Head -croppedChris Head, (Bristol, UK)

President and Europe Africa Regional Leader

Chris has over 25 years’ experience in the charity sector and was CEO of Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF), the UK’s largest meningitis research charity, for eight years.

Chris is a member of the Institute of Fundraising, a former board member of the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. His previous experience includes work with Penny Brohn CancerCare and CLIC UK (Cancer and Leukaemia in Childhood).


Patsy Schanbaum, 

The J.A.M.I.E. Group  (Austin, USA)

Patsy Schanbaum

Americas Regional Leader

Patsy’s daughter Jamie lost both her legs below the knee after contracting meningitis and septicaemia in 2008 at 20 years of age. Patsy, Jamie and their family joined the fight against meningitis and created the Joint Advocacy for Meningococcal Information and Education (J.A.M.I.E.) Group. The Jamie Schanbaum / Nicolis Williams Act became law in Texas in 2011, and this now means all new college students will be vaccinated against the disease. Read Patsy and Jamie’s story.


Bruce Langoulant WebBruce Langoulant, The Meningitis Centre (Perth, Australia)

Asia Pacific Regional Leader

Bruce is Chairman of the Meningitis Centre Australia and the Disability Services Commission of Western Australia. A parent, advocate and businessman, Bruce’s passion for meningitis awareness comes from caring for his daughter Ashleigh, who contracted pneumococcal meningitis in 1989 at just six months of age. Read Bruce and Jenni’s story.



Headshot _mikeMike Redfearn, Meningitis Research Foundation of Canada (Toronto, Canada)

Secretary and Americas Regional Representative

Mike has extensive experience in education and information technology sectors as well as more than 20 years as a teacher of English Literature, Religion, Communication Technology, Media and Business Studies. Mike is a founding board member of the Meningitis Research Foundation of Canada (MRFC).



Simone -Feier -300

Simone Feier-Leist (Essen, Germany)

Europe Africa Regional Representative

Simone is a communication specialist with experience in public relations, TV and healthcare communications. Simone has been involved in the organization and communication of the first and subsequent World Meningitis Days in Germany and with the production of one of the first videos on the CoMO website. 



Kaye Ericka De Jesus

Ericka "Kaye" I. De Jesus, Philippine Foundation for Vaccination, (Manila, Philippines)

Asia Pacific Regional Representative

Kaye is the Chair of the Committee on Advocacy & Networking of the Philippine Foundation for Vaccination. Her passion for disease prevention thru vaccination started 17 years ago when her eldest daughter was born. Every injection given to her daughter is an expression of love with the hope of providing a longer & healthier life free from diseases. Her expertise & passion in marketing is aimed at influencing & educating people on the benefits of vaccination in preventing diseases & preserving life.


Daphne HoltDaphne Holt (France)

Vice President

Daphne has over 40 years experience in the scientific research and charity sectors. Now retired, Daphne has previously worked for the Karim Centre for Meningitis Research at Imperial College School of Medicine and the Meningitis Trust in London and is a former CEO of CoMO.


 CoMO’s work is overseen by a Governing Council made up of elected CoMO members and individuals who have been co-opted to bring additional skills into the organisation.


Wilma -Witkamp _200x 270

Wilma Witkamp, Nederlandse Meningitis Stichting (Zwijndrecht, Netherlands)

Treasurer and Europe Africa Regional Representative

Wilma has been involved in the world of vaccines, meningitis and septicaemia for more than 26 years. Wilma started work as Chairperson of Nederlandse Meningitis Stichting (NMS) a few years ago. Her previous work includes projects for the World Health Organization, European Union, PATH, and the Meningitis Research Foundation.



LCB PicDr Lulu Bravo, Philippine Foundation for Vaccination, (Manila, Philippines)

Asia Pacific Regional Representative

Lulu Bravo is a Professor of Pediatric Infectious and Tropical Diseases at the University of the Philippines, Manila and President of the Immunization Partners in Asia Pacific (IPAP). Lulu has many years of experience working for the World Health Organization (WHO) and has published more than 80 Scientific papers and abstracts on various infectious disease topics.



Susan -KoenigSusan Koenig, Emily's Dash Foundation (EDF) (Pennsylvania, USA)

Americas Regional Representative

Susan is a Co-Founder of Emily's Dash Foundation, created after Susan’s daughter, Emily, suddenly passed away from bacterial meningitis at the young age of 12.  Click here to read Emily’s story. Shortly after their loss, Susan and her husband, Albert, made a public testimony before the CDC/ACIP that resulted in reducing the recommended age for vaccinations in the US to 11 years old.

Susan also volunteers for Umbrella Ministries, an organization that supports mothers who have lost children.  Susan’s business background spans 25-plus years in government accounting, program scheduling, and business development.  More recently, Susan obtained a graduate certification in piano pedagogy, and she currently teaches students privately.