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  • 16 January 2020
    Vaccine Hesitancy: Communication is Key

    Our 73 members operate in very different contexts worldwide but the best tool in our arsenal to defeat meningitis remains the same: vaccines. Not only are they the best form of prevention against meningitis but they are also widely considered to be the greatest public health intervention since clean water. Vaccines prevented an estimated 1.2 million deaths from 2000-2015 and have helped to eradicate diseases that used to kill millions such as polio and smallpox.

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  • 16 December 2019
    CoMO's Global Conference 2019 - 15 Years of CoMO

    Last month, CoMO members came together in London to attend our 8th Global Conference and celebrate 15 years since the foundation of CoMO. Focusing on the progress made so far in meningitis advocacy and the promising road ahead, this conference was one of our biggest to date, with 46 delegates from 17 different countries attending.

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  • 06 October 2019
    World Cerebral Palsy Day

    Every year, on the 6th of October, World Cerebral Palsy Day is held to raise awareness but also to celebrate the lives and achievements of those with cerebral palsy (CP) and the people and organisations that support them.

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