Strengthening Patient Voices

The Strengthening Patient Voices Project is a collaboration between CoMO and Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF). CoMO brings 15 years of experience working with meningitis patient groups and campaign organisations around the world. MRF is a leading UK, Irish and international charity, established in 1989. MRF has been funding research, advocating, raising awareness and supporting health professionals and people affected by the disease in the UK and Ireland since this time.

MRF and CoMO will use our combined expertise to support three patient groups in Spain, Denmark and the Netherlands to develop the goals, strategies and skills required to strengthen their effectiveness. The organisations will have the opportunity to engage in peer-to-peer support as well as benefiting from one-on-one mentorship from CoMO and MRF.


By participating in this project, patient groups will be better able to:

  1. Advocate for improved access to vaccines.

  2. Raise awareness of more people on the signs and symptoms of meningitis and sepsis and what to do if they recognise them.

  3. Influence health policy to make it more responsive to the needs of people affected by meningitis and sepsis.

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Project Updates 

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