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World Meningitis Day 2016

Every year on 24th April people all over the world celebrate World Meningitis Day as a day to remember patient stories, raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of the disease and encourage vaccination to prevent further cases.

The annual day is organised by CoMO and this year our theme was ’24 Hours – Time to Act!’ We wanted to portray the message that meningitis, when contracted, can develop rapidly – therefore it is important to be able to recognise the symptoms in order to act fast and seek medical attention if required. We also used the theme to highlight the importance of vaccinations - acting responsibly by vaccinating yourself or your children could save a life! 


To help spread the message we created a helpful toolkit that individuals and organisations could share on social media to raise awareness of World Meningitis Day and the disease. To view the toolkit, click here.


Our wonderful members all over the world organised their own World Meningitis Day activities, many of which promoting CoMO’s ’24 Hours theme!’ To have a look at their fantastic activities and get some ideas for your World Meningitis Day celebrations next year, please click here.


Did you keep up to date with all our World Meningitis Day activities in 2016?

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Also, our YouTube channel is full of inspiring videos of patients and families who have experienced meningitis and provide valuable lessons from their experience.

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