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At 30 years old, Sarah was suddenly struck down by septicaemia, caused by meningococcal W strain, affecting her body in a multitude of profound ways and forcing her to stay in Intensive Care for 59 days. You can read Sarah's story here.

Despite still being in recovery, Sarah has become a powerful advocate in the fight against meningitis. While certain groups of people are at a greater risk of contracting meningitis and other infections caused by meningitis bacteria, Sarah's story reminds us that anyone, at any age, can be affected. 

Delivering motivational speeches across Australia, updates on Sarah's recovery, as well as her advocacy, can be found on her Facebook page Sarah's Recovery. Sarah's determination to support other people within her community who have experienced life-changing illnesses led her to form the Sarah Joyce Project, helping people re-orient their lives to achieve new goals and live purposefully. 

To watch another video of someone's experiences #AfterMeningitis, click here.

Do you or someone you care about require support after experiencing meningitis? Get in touch or connect with a member in your country.

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