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 Get vaccinated to protect yourself and stop the spread of the disease.

  • View your country’s routine immunisation online to see what vaccines are available to you.
  • Dispel any misconceptions you have by looking at our vaccine myth buster set. Share them on social media!
  • Learn more about vaccines from reputable sources. Try:

Learn the signs and symptoms so you know when it’s urgent to seek medical help.

  • Hold a virtual coffee morning and talk about meningitis and septicaemia with your co-workers, friends and family. To stay safe and protect your communities, avoid large public gatherings.  
  • Test your knowledge with a meningitis quiz!
  • Share and retweet our posts and resources on social media so people in your network also learn about the signs and symptoms.
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Help to build accessible and inclusive societies to support people who have been affected by meningitis.

        1. Listen

  • Check-in with people who have after effects as a result of meningitis - what barriers do they face?

        2. Talk

  • Ask whether your place of leisure (gym, dance school, theatre etc.) could be adapted to allow more people to join.
  • Talk to your employer about fair and equal hiring practices and consider how your workplace can better accommodate employees with disabilities.
  • Question how people with disabilities are represented in media and on screen. Challenge negative stereotypes and encourage balanced portrayals of disability.
  • People with disabilities must be in the room, on panels, and in roles of leadership.  Speak to the people in power and consider whether rights like voting in elections are accessible to all.

       3. Support

  • Show your support for those affected by meningitis by donating to our members. Many of our members have dedicated services to support both people with disabilities and their loved ones. Find a member near you to support them today.
  • In an inclusive society, everyone can tell their story and be heard. If you have a personal meningitis and/or septicaemia story and would like to share it with us or get some support, please get in touch.

Want us to share your actions and thoughts online? Write how you're helping to #DefeatMeningitis on a whiteboard or piece of paper, take a picture, tag us, and share it on social media. We can help amplify your good deed!

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 See what activities our members carried out for World Meningitis Day 2019 here.

Please email us if you have any questions or would like to get involved in World Meningitis Day 2020