The Life-Course Immunisation Initiative (LCI) is a new European project that is attempting to ensure that all age ranges in all European states eventually become vaccinated against the diseases that can cause both viral and bacterial meningitis and septicaemia. There is a proven cost-effective benefit to vaccinating older generations against these diseases.

The International Federation on Ageing (IFA) and the Confederation of Meningitis Organisations (CoMO) have established a partnership together in pursuit of the Life-Course Immunisation Initiative.

IFA was originally founded because of the change in population demographics; both developing and developed countries were beginning to see a marked rise in ageing populations from the time of the 1970s and so, the IFA sought to begin to advocate ‘generating positive change for older people throughout the world’. The IFA has supported the Alliance for Ageing Research’s recent White Paper, which talks about the importance of adult vaccination and this is where IFA’s link to CoMO is found.

CoMO reiterates the fact that ‘ANYONE can get meningitis, therefore EVERYONE has the right to access prevention and treatment’. Through the LCI, CoMO is advocating and promoting the cost-effective benefit of adult immunisation and is hoping that through its partnership with IFA the aims of the LCI can be achieved.