What is the #LifeCourseImmunisation Initiative Campaign?

The #LifeCourseImmunisation Initiative (LCI) Campaign wants to ensure that the vaccinations that protect against meningitis become a routine part of immunisation schedules across the whole of the EU. From childhood through to adolescence and onto older years, CoMO wants to help protect all individuals in society from the threat of meningitis and septicaemia, for the entire course of their lifetimes. We believe that advocating for a life course approach to vaccination is the best way of achieving this.


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The need for a life-course approach to meningitis

Evidence shows that we are living longer and with living longer comes an increasing reliance on our healthcare services. Currently, we need to find ways for health systems to successfully provide for the rise in ageing populations and CoMO believes that we need to act now.

CoMO advocates that if we adopt a life-course approach to vaccination, then people will be able to live for longer and will be in better health for a larger proportion of their lives. For us, we see life-course immunisation as a win-win situation.

If we really want to ensure that life-course vaccinations are available for all citizens in all countries across the EU then we need to work together. This is because health and vaccination are not competencies of the European Parliament; in other words, health and vaccination policies are the responsibility of individual Member States themselves.

So, what can we do?

CoMO is working with likeminded organisations to advocate for policy change on life-course vaccination. We recently campaigned to increase signatures on a written declaration on vaccination campaigns in the European Parliament that unfortunately didn’t win a majority this time. You can find out more about this declaration here. We’re now working on our next campaign so stay tuned for updates and how you can get involved! 

Meningitis and septicaemia affect ALL age ranges and the belief that these diseases only affect children is a wholly inaccurate conception. Importantly, a study conducted by ‘Ageing Research’ has shown that there is a proven, cost-effective benefit to vaccinating older people against vaccine-preventable diseases, such as meningitis, pneumonia and shingles, (to name just a few).

With EU countries struggling to make ends meet in the current fiscal climate and meningitis and septicaemia being diseases that cannot be limited to childhood, we here at CoMO believe that there is no better time for Europe to adopt a life-course approach to vaccination.

If you agree with us, then there are a number of things that you can do to show your support for our campaign.

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